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Compare Seamless cold drawn tubes VS Hot finished seamless tubes

There are mainly two different types of seamless steel tubes, which are cold drawn seamless tubes and hot finished seamless tubes. These two types are quite different products, and this article introduces the differences. I. Introduction A. Definition of seamless tubes Seamless tubes are cylindrical pipes that are manufactured without any welding or seams. They […]

Ensuring High-Quality Honed Tubes: Tips for Choosing a Reputable Manufacturer and Quality Control Measures

Honed tube is an essential material in various industries, including hydraulic and pneumatic systems, automotive, and construction, it is known as hydraulic cylinder tube also. This type of tube is used to provide a smooth, polished surface for the passage of fluids or gases, reducing friction and wear on moving parts. However, not all honed […]

Carbon steels and Alloy steels for hydraulic cylinder tubes

Hydraulic systems rely heavily on hydraulic cylinder tube to create linear motion and force. Hydraulic cylinder tube usually is honed tube which is round steel tube with inner diameter honed or skived & roller burnished. Therefore, choosing the right material for these tubes is vital for optimal system performance. This article focuses on the two […]

A blogger site about knowledge of hydraulic cylinders

Here below is a knowledge sharing blogger site about the hydraulic systems, especially about the cylinders. Here below is the article list of this blogger site. And its articles are keeping increasing. 1. Some factors in manufacturing process that affects the usage of hydraulic cylinders. 2. Quality Inspection and judgment of hydraulic cylinder parts […]

Common materials of hydraulic cylinder honed tubes

Hydraulic cylinder tube is known as honed tube also, it is usually made of cold drawn seamless tubes or DOM tubes. There are many different steel grades can be used as the material of hydraulic cylinder tubes, and here below are the most popular materials. Carbon steel ST52, ST52.3, Carbon steel E355 Carbon steel SAE 1020, […]

Introduction about an Precision Honed seamless steel tube manufacturer

Younglee’s steel tube factory is a high quality manufacturer of precision honed seamless steel tubes, and it is one of the leading Honed tube suppliers, chrome plated bar suppliers, chrome plated hollow bar suppliers in China. Seamless cold drawn steel Honed tube is broadly utilized as cylinder tubes in many industries, it is used to produce and […]

Hydraulic Industry News of China 20220310

Here’s how the Russia-Ukraine conflict could hurt your hydraulic cylinder parts supply chain News says Supply Chain Analysts should be looking to make contingency plans The Dutch multinational banking business Rabobank have been making predictions about what would happen in the event of a conflict in Ukraine and the fallout from sanctions upon Russia.Read more… […]