Hydraulic Industry News of China 20220310

Here’s how the Russia-Ukraine conflict could hurt your hydraulic cylinder parts supply chain

News says Supply Chain Analysts should be looking to make contingency plans

The Dutch multinational banking business Rabobank have been making predictions about what would happen in the event of a conflict in Ukraine and the fallout from sanctions upon Russia.Read more…


5 Best Honed Tube Suppliers in World

Cylinder Honed tube is a very important product in various industries. It is the main material for manufacturing and repairing pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. As the quality of honed tubes will directly affect the quality performance of the cylinders, so it is very important to get high quality honed tubes from good honed tube suppliers.

There are many honed tube suppliers in the world, the quantity should be more than 200, even honed tube suppliers in China mainland are more than 100 companies. Some of these suppliers provide high quality and reasonable prices, but there also many suppliers provide very low prices but with bad quality. So how could we find reliable honed tube suppliers with high quality and reasonable prices? Read more…



What is the most important material we need when build or repair a cylinder?

When building or repairing a hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder, what is the most important material we need to use? Of course it is honed tube,  and usually honed tube is ready to use for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications without further inside diameter processing.



Honed cylinder tube usually is manufactured by two main processing methods, which are honing or skiving & roller burnishing methods, from our “Suitable for Honing” Cold Drawn Seamless Pipes. The manufacturing method of the honed tube is determined by sizes, mold available and the request of the client.Read more…