Younglee Precision Steel Tube Technology  Co., Ltd is an professional precision stainless steel pipes and tubes manufacturer and supplier in China. Our factory has nearly 20 years experiences in manufacturing seamless stainless steel pipes and tubes.

With many years’ efforts, we had become one of the first class quality stainless steel seamless tube manufacturers in China, especially in the field of precision stainless steel seamless tubes. Our main products including: High precision and cleanness bright annealed stainless steel tube, stainless steel hydraulic tubing, stainless steel instrument tubing, duplex stainless steel seamless tubes.

As one of the professional and high quality manufacturer of stainless steel seamless pipes, we have a professional team with rich experience and knowledge of pipe manufacturing, and we have complete sets of tube manufacture machines and inspection facilities.

Factory Overview

The number of our staff is 150, 20% of them are middle and high level engineers in the field of stainless steel seamless tubes and pipes.

Factory area:

We have two plants at present, the are of No. 1 plant is 17000㎡, and the area of No. 2 plant is 12000㎡


Our factory can manufacturer seamless bright annealed stainless steel tube 1000 MT/year, and for solution annealed stainless steel seamless pipes, our capacity is 2000 MT/year.

Main Facilities: 

Our factory have below main facilities for manufacturing precision stainless steel seamless tubes.

Machine Name 2 Rolls COLD PILGER MILL LG-60
Quantity 3 sets
Prodution Range O.D 33.4mm~76mm,W.T 2mm~10mm
Tolerance O.D±0.05mm,W.T±0.05mm
Capacity 220 Ton/month
Machine Name 2 Rolls COLD PILGER MILL LG-30
Quantity 4 sets
Prodution Range O.D 19mm~28mm,W.T 0.7mm~12mm
Tolerance O.D±0.05mm,W.T±0.05mm
Capacity 110 Ton/month
Machine Name 3 Rolls precision COLD PILGER MILL LG-15
Quantity 4 sets
Prodution Range O.D 8mm~16mm,W.T0.2mm~5mm
Tolerance O.D±0.03mm,W.T±0.03mm
Capacity 40 Ton/month
Machine Name High-Speed Precision COLD PILGER MILL LG-15
Quantity 2 sets
Prodution Range O.D: 8mm~19mm,W.T:0.2mm~5mm
Tolerance O.D±0.03mm,W.T±0.03mm
Capacity 40 Ton/month

Besides the above cold rolling machines, we also have Cold Drawn Benches, 5 sets of the cold drawing benches are for producing Annealed & pickled pipes of different sizes, and the other 2 sets  are for producing Bright annealed tubes of different sizes. The total Capacity of the cold draw benches is 300 ton/month of stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes.

Quality management of Younglee Precision Steel Tubing

“Zero defect of each pipe” is our quality standard target. After several years’ effort we’ve assembled a set of perfected quality control system to guarantee the quality. All procedures affected the seamless stainless tube quality are well-controlled and each item is going to be scrutinized strictly in line with the standards and client’s technical requirements before packaging.

Why Choose Us?

We just uses high quality Chinese raw materials (Yongxing, TISCO) or raw materials in famous premium excellent steel providers abroad like Outokumpu, POSCO.

Strict excellent management We developed our Complete Quality Management System to control the quality.
Cheaper prices in comparison to the exact same excellent level providers.
Adaptive purchase amount: We can produce and provide minimal one bit of tubes with length 5 meters.

Want to buy stainless steel seamless tubes?

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