Introduction about an Precision Honed seamless steel tube manufacturer

Younglee’s steel tube factory is a high quality manufacturer of precision honed seamless steel tubes, and it is one of the leading Honed tube suppliers, chrome plated bar suppliers, chrome plated hollow bar suppliers in China.

Seamless cold drawn steel Honed tube is broadly utilized as cylinder tubes in many industries, it is used to produce and repair hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders.
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Seamless Steel honed tube usually is produced by two main manufacturing process, which are honing process or skiving & roller burnishing process. The mother tube we usually use “Suitable To Hone” Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes. The process of the honed pipe is determined upon the dimension, mold available and the requirement of the customer.

The most popular material of our honed tubes is carbon steel grade SAE 1020. And we also produce honed cylinder tubes in other materials such as SAE 1026, E355 and ST52.3, stainless steel and so on.

Size Range:
As the leading honed tube manufacturer in China, our factory produce honed cylinder tubes in a wide range of metric sizes and imperial sizes.
Inside Diameter 32mm to 600mm; Imperial sizes equally.
We supply our honed tubing in fixed length and random lengths, the max. Length our our honed tube is 14 meters.

Our Honed steel tubing is mostly applied for making and repairing hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders, and our honed steel tubing is ready to use as hydraulic cylinder tubes without any further inside diameter machining.
Besides the above, our honed tubes also can be used in other applications where high precise inside diameter dimension is required and high smoothly inside surface is required.


As the professional hydraulic cylinder material manufacturer and supplier, besides honed tubing, our factory also produces below products for cylinder manufacturing and repairing applications.

  1. 1. Chrome plated shafts

Hard Chrome plated shafts are known as chrome plated rods or chrome plated bars also. This series product is another main product line of our factory, it is mostly used to manufacture and repair the hydraulic piston rods. Our hard chrome plated shaft are produced from steel round rod by high precise grinding, polishing, and chrome plated to a certain thickness on the external surface, the thickness of chrome plated layer is usually min. 20 microns. The material of the chrome plated shafts of our factoy can be carbon steel as CK45 (this is known as CK45 chrome plated bar also), SAE 4140, and stainless steel grades 304, 304L, 316, 316L. The available sizes of our chrome plated shaft is from diameter 6 mm to 800 mm, we also provide imperial sizes accordingly.

CK45 Chrome plated rods

  1. 2. Chrome plated hollow bar

Chrome plated hollow bar is known as Chrome plated od tube too, this product has the same function with chrome plated bar, but with much lighter unit weight than that. Using chrome plated hollow bar, the hydraulic cylinder weight can be greatly reduced, so the hydraulic cylinder will be more energy efficient. Our chrome plated tube is produced from seamless hollow bar, by polishing the outside surface and chrome plated to a certain thickness. Our chorme plated tubes can also be honed in inside diameter for manufacturing and repairing telescoping hydraulic cylinders.


  1. Outer chrome plated and ID honed tubes

The honed ID tube with outer diameter precision ground and chrome plated is usually designed for Telescopic hydraulic cylinder. This product is actually belongs to the product line of chrome plated tube.

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