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Duplex stainless steel pipe | Seamless Tube

Duplex stainless steel pipe is widely used in onshore and offshore environments, where there resistance of localised corrosion, especially pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking is required. As one of the first class stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturer and supplier, Younglee Tube provides a wide range sizes and grades of duplex stainless steel pipes. Duplex […]

304 stainless steel tubing, pipe, tube

304 stainless steel tubing/pipe/tube is the main product of Younglee Tube. Our factory manufacture 304 stainless steel tubing in a wide range of sizes. 1) What is 304 stainless steel tubing Material 304 stainless steel (material grade 304 )is an austenitic stainless steel, it contains about8%–10.5% Nickel, about 18%–20% chromium, and maximum 0.08% Carbon, it […]