Stainless steel / duplex steel U-bend tubes for heat exchangers

Heat exchanger tubes can also be delivered as U-bent tube / U bend pipe, manufactured according to the common heat exchanger standards. Our basic specification for u bend pipes is ASTM A213/A213M, ASTM A 312/312M, EN 10216-5, and we can also follow various specifications on customers’ requests.

stainless steel u bend tubing for heat exchanger

Technical parameters of U bend pipes: 

  • OD 9.3 – 38 mm
  • Bending radii from 1.5 x OD up to 1,250 mm. Minimum bending radii for OD over 28 mm after agreement.
  • Leg length min. 1,000 mm.
  • Leg length max. 12,000 mm.
  • Heat treatment for radii up to 1,000 mm.

Heat treatment for U bent tube

If specified, we are equipped to carry out heat treatment of bends of the u bend pipes plus minimum 150 mm of leg.

  • Furnace is computer controlled and all data is recorded.
  • We use an Argon protective atmosphere inside the tubes.
  • We can supply all types of annealing for U bent tube: solution annealing, stress relieving and stabilization.

Measuring, cutting, deburring and cleaning of U bent tube

  • U-bend pipes are measured exactly in accordance with relevant standards.
  • All U bend pipes are cut to the specified leg lengths, ends are deburred and the u bend tubes are internally cleaned with air.
  • Before packing, both ends of U-bend pipes are capped with plastic caps.

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