Stainless steel bright annealed tube is one of the featured products of our factory. We had been manufacturing bright annealing tubes since the year 2008. Now our factory can produce and supply a full range of stainless steel seamless tubes and duplex stainless steel tubes in bright annealed conditions.

Younglee’s Bright annealed tubes are area unit characterised by precision tolerances, and both the inside surface and outside surface of the seamless tubes is freed from oil, grease and other pollutants. This ensures, for an example, associate degree optimized and even flow of liquids and gases from the sensing elementto the measuring device. our factory has 4 Sets of 3 rolls precision COLD PILGER MILLs, victimisation extremely polished rollers in contact with the stainless steel surface and management the speed of the pilger machine to make sure the surface smoothness and brightness. Hand-picked the most effective quality stainless steel round bar, clean and swish on outside surface and tube inside surface. Our bright annealed tubes can work under high pressure conditions,  and there will not be any deformation when cold bend the tubes, and there will not be any cracks and break on tubes after flattening and flaring etc.

This is a lot of usually observed as a Bright hardening (BA) end. Material with a No. one end is cold rolled victimisation extremely polished rolls connected with the steel surface. This smooths and brightens the surface.

Different from the tranditional method technique, we do not pickling the semi finished stainless tubes at the last two steps, however directly bright annealing at the optimum temperature under controlled atmosphere.

Product standards:  
The bright annealed pipes on the market are produced according to most of the popular norms of seamless stainless steel tubes, such as :
– EN 10216-5 TC1/TC2, EN 10297-2
– ASTM A 213, ASTM A 312, A 269, A632, A 511, etc.
– PED 97/23/EC
– NACE MR0175
We also produce the bright annealed tubes to standards like GOST, JIS, DIN on customers requests.

Size range:
O.D: 2 to 76.1 mm
W.T: 0.5 – 10 mm

Delivery requirment:

Marking: Younglee, material grade, standard, specification, heat no.
Surface Treatment: Bright hardened, polished outside and within surface.
Package: knitting strip bundle, picket box or steel box
MTC: nut 10204 three.1
Inspection: Third party examination, or by clints

Guarantee the correct thickness, outside diamter dimensions, smooth and balanced bright of each within & outside surface.